3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (2024)

3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (1)

What if I told you that the more dumpling you eat on Lunar New Year, the more money you make in the new year?

In my culture, dumpling are a traditional lucky dish that symbolizes wealth.

Wrapping Dumpling on Lunar New Year is a family tradition passed down from my great-grandma, and now I am passing our traditions to you.

In this blog post, you can find 3 of my favorite fail-proof dumpling recipes that you need to try!
3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (2)

Regardless of which dumpling recipe you choose to make, here are 3 CRUCIAL tips for the perfect dumpling every single time.

1. Hand Chopped Chicken and Pork makes a world of difference.

I know it takes an extra 7-8 minutes but trust me, it is worth it! Versus store-bought ground chicken, the chicken doesn’t get mushy and is chewy and extra juicy.

You also have complete control of the fat and meat ratio. I love using skinless chicken thighs, but you can also use chicken breast if you are trying to be healthy.

2. ALWAYS pull out the excess water from the Cabbage.

You want CRUNCHY Cabbage, not soggy cabbage, so this step is CRUCIAL.

Add a generous amount of salt to the cabbage and massage it for 2 minutes. Let the cabbage sit for 5-7 minutes, or until the water from the cabbage has come out.

Squeeze out all the excess water, making sure 80% of the water is out. This extra step will ensure your Chicken dumpling filling is crunchy and not soggy.

3. TEST the Chicken Dumpling filling before you start wrapping!

Here is my grandma’s secret cooking tip that changed my life!

Take a teaspoon of the filling, put it in the microwave for 15-30 seconds, and taste to see if you need any more additional seasoning.

I recommend being more generous with the seasoning but adjusting to your liking.

3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (3)


These Hand Chopped Chicken Dumplings are SO JUICY and delicious; I promise they taste better than any store-bought dumplings you will ever try!

Hand Chopped Chicken Dumplings are SO worth it; I will never buy ground chicken ever again. The filling is super juicy, the meat is still chewy, and the cabbage gives the dumpling a nice crunch.

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, these Chicken Dumplings will change your life!



3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (4)


One dish that I can eat for the rest of my life and never get bored of is DUMPLINGS.

I love dumplings in every form possible, especially these delicious, refreshing, and addicting Vegetarian Dumplings.

The vegetarian dumplings are seasoned perfectly, the cabbage is crunchy, the mushroom is “meaty,” and herbs give the dumplings a refreshing kick.


3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (5)

RECIPE #3: The BEST Pork and Chives Dumplings

My favorite dumpling flavor of all time is pork and chives. It is the perfect balance between savory and refreshing. Not only is it easy to make pork and chives dumplings are home, but these dumplings are also flavourful, juicy, and seasoned to perfection! If you don’t eat pork, you can substitute it with ground chicken. Suppose you are a vegetarian, don’t worry! Use scrambled eggs and vermicelli noodles instead, and I promise it will be just as delicious!


Vegetarian Alternative:

access full recipe here

3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (6)


Dumplings can last in the freezer for up to 3 months.

First, to store these in the freezer, freeze the dumplings making sure they are not stuck together on parchment paperwork for 2 hours.

Once the dumplings harden, you can add them into ziplock bags. Ensure not to add the dumplings into the bags until they are fully frozen to prevent them from sticking together.


3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (7)

The first way is to pan-fry them.

The key to making sure the wrapper doesn’t stick to the pan is to use a good non-stick pan.

Drizzle in oil and turn the heat up to medium-high. Once the pan is hot, add in the dumplings and let it pan fry for 2 minutes.

Pour in water, making sure ¼ of the dumplings is covered in water, put the lid on, and let it cook for another 8-9 minutes.

To check if the dumplings are cooked, you can poke a hole, and if the juices are clear, the dumpling is cooked.

3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (8)

The second way, which is the easy way, is to boil the dumplings.

I like boiled dumplings more than pan-frying because it is faster, and I like how soft the wrapper is.

All you have to do is bring a pot of water to a boil, add in the dumpling, and let it cook for 7-8 minutes or until the dumplings are floating.


3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (9)


My go-to dipping sauce for everything is always black vinegar, homemade chili oil, and sesame seeds. I love this combination because you get tangy, savory, and also spicy.

My fiance doesn’t like the tanginess of the black vinegar, so his go-to is soy sauce, grated garlic, homemade chili oil, and sesame seeds.

If you don’t have black vinegar at home, mix a 2:1 ratio of rice vinegar and soy sauce.

3 Best Dumpling Recipes (Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork) - Tiffy Cooks (2024)


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