8 Biggest Speedrun Skips (2024)

In any game you play, the developer, for the most part, intends you to beat the whole thing from start to finish. Most titles don't have a skip-this-chapter feature because it would go against what the developer wants you to experience.

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However, let's just say you want to skip a difficult section or perhaps even more than half the game. In that case, several titles have awesome speedrun skips, and certain ones are mind-blowing. Some of these skips are doable for just about anyone, but others are for experts only and can take hours to do.

8 God Of War 3

8 Biggest Speedrun Skips (1)

This skip is really cool, especially if you know the game. God of War 3 offers a beefy enough hack-and-slash campaign, but around an hour in, you first explore the Judges of the Underworld area. This is where you perform the skip, but first, there's some preparation. Go into the combat arena, set the difficulty to Titan, and for the fastest enemies, select some Gorgons.

These monsters turn you to stone, and you'll die if they do that when you jump. Dying five times will make the game ask you to switch to Easy mode. Pick no, then start a new game. This will allow you to start with all weapons. Then in the Judge area, break the seals and chains with the Cestus to skip all the way to the epic Zeus boss fight.

7 Silent Hill 4

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In Silent Hill 4, one of the weaker parts of the game is the four reminiscences puzzle. It's quite long and requires a lot of backtracking, but there is an easy way to skip it. During your second visit to the building world, you'll be escorting Eileen, and this is the main factor for the skip. When you first get in the elevator, press the bottom button and leave.

Outside, run to the right, then bump into Eileen and enter the elevator. This will make her stay in that section. Progress as normal until you enter the area right after your encounter with Ghost Cynthia. Eileen will somehow walk through the fence and follow you now. This is a skip that even most casual players would love to do.

6 Super Mario Sunshine

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One of the hardest levels in Super Mario Sunshine has to be the Lily Pad. The difficulty is brutal enough, but actually getting to it is a struggle on its own. The intended route is to ride with Yoshi and travel along many boats until you get to the pipe covered in orange goop. It's a bit of a pain, but thankfully there is a glitch to skip it.

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Alongside the beach is a food market, and with Yoshi, run into the wall there at a slanted angle. Eventually, you'll fall through the map and must travel to the underwater portion while constantly jumping. If you stay too long on the ground, you'll die. Once under the water, jump high, and you'll be able to safely reach the pipe.

5 Outlast

8 Biggest Speedrun Skips (4)

Outlast is one of those titles that allows you to skip the entire game essentially from the start. Unfortunately, this skip can't be done on the hardest difficulty as it will count as a death and force a restart. Originally, the skip required you to go to the first platforming area and do some precise jumps to fall through the map. This skips the entire game and starts up the final chapter in the lab.

However, it's even simpler now. To the right of the asylum entrance is a row of bushes. One of them has a crack in it, and this will allow you to perform a precise jump landing on top of the bush. Then do another precise jump towards the trees, making you fall through the map and enter the lab.

4 Trials HD

8 Biggest Speedrun Skips (5)

Underground can be one of the more difficult-to-learn medium tracks in Trials HD, but the level was a wicked skip. Normally you go underground for the whole level and then return to the surface at the finish. This skip can allow you to coast on top the whole way. It is an incredibly hard skip, though, so it is reserved for experts.

From the start, back up and then fully accelerate while leaning right. Quickly after passing the starting checkpoint, lean left to make your front tire catch the wooden plank to flip your bike. Then nail a back tire bunny hop on the pipe to get to the surface. You'll be on fire but should still get to the finish line with full acceleration.

3 Serious Sam 4

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The first level in Serious Sam 4 is actually a section from the last mission in Tunguska. It's close to the same encounter, so it would make sense that there's a skip all the way to the final boss. In the prologue, simply shoot General Brand's golden staff while he's idle or when he leaps to attack.

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He's quite far away, so use the sniper rifle. This won't send you to the first mission as it should, but the final boss with Ugh-Zan VI. You will have to do the final boss legitimately, which can be tough, but you'll still likely beat the game in under ten minutes. With how this skip is executed by shooting the staff, it frankly seems intended.

2 Sonic '06

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Sonic '06 is a notoriously buggy game, so seeing a full-blown credits warp is no surprise. In Sonic's story, once you have Tails and Knuckles with you, jump over an area of water and boost back onto the land. The other two characters will die and now head to a shop. Wait until one of them respawns and dies on the spot, then activate a mission nearby, but do so a bit far away from the person.

Quit the mission, and once back in the hub area, go to another shop and exit once the final normal text box is displayed. Mash the bottom three face buttons so quickly that the yes/no option will appear once you take control again. Enter the main mission, pick yes, quit the mission, then beat the level to see the credits.

1 Final Doom: Plutonia Experiment

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While Speed isn't one of the hardest levels in Doom, it's still tricky, particularly if you take the wrong exit in the previous map. You'll die a lot, but that's what's useful. In Doom, you can enter the exit teleporter while deceased, and that's how you do this skip. First, you must be on Ultra-Violence to get the right amount of distance.

Then after taking significant damage, cross the gap later in the level to take a teleporter. At around 25 percent health, catch on fire from the Arch-Vile towards the left and shoot a rocket in front of the back wall at the same time as the Vile's blast. If done correctly, you'll die and get so much air time you'll land in the exit and beat the level.

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8 Biggest Speedrun Skips (2024)


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