Stock Tank Pool Ideas Perfect For A Small Backyard (2024)

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While anin-groundor traditionalabove-ground poolmay not be the perfect idea for your small backyard, astock tankpool is a simple and aesthetically pleasing solution. Essentially, it is an oversized metal bucket used to provide livestock with water. And with a little imagination and a few pool ideas, it becomes the ideal addition to a small backyard.

The enlarged galvanized steel containers can easily become luxurious and stylish, especially if you've got an interest inDIYsand decor. Ready to personalize your outdoor space with these functional and detailed pool ideas? Check them out below!

17 Stock Tank Pool Ideas

1. The Pool Next Door

Convenient and stylish, this stock tank pool idea focuses on placement. By setting it up right next to your back door, you'll save a little extra space and also be able to hop straight in. Decorate with a few plants, an umbrella, and some string lights, and you'll have created a welcoming and functional outdoor pool space.

2. Pergola in Paradise

If you've already got a pergola orgazebo set up in your backyard, a stock tank pool will make the perfect addition to the space. Decorate with a simple ladder for getting in and out, plenty of overhead lighting for evenings in the pool, seating for extra relaxation, and a few layered rugs for a bohemian touch. And don't forget to add a pool floaty or two!

3. A Stone's Throw Away

This pool idea keeps things simple, focusing on the decor and design surrounding the stock tank. Stones and gravel make maintenance easy as they keep grass and dirt out of the pool and add a visual element. Plus, the lawn chairs and side tables make the space feel more like an outdoor vacation pool area.

4. Poolside Bar

If your favorite pastime is gathering with friends around the backyard, this pool idea is for you. This stock tank is built on a deck and finished with a hexagonal brick siding and bar top. The bar stools wrap around the sides, making it the ideal way to chillax in or out of the water. It's decorated with a few plants and towels, as well as a patio set to the side for lounging after a swim.

5. Outdoor Oasis

Have you been dreaming oftransforming your backyardinto an outdoor oasis? Opt for this stock tank pool, which is placed into a perfectly fitting concrete base with a wraparound deck. The minimal white lounge chairs add a luxurious touch, as does the hand-painted outdoor mural. Plus, it's easy to DIY to suit your aesthetic, and you can update it whenever you'd like.

6. Backyard Beach

If you're looking to recreate your last sunny vacation, this pool idea may be just the inspiration you need. The built-in deck provides ample space for seating, but the sandy ground is the main event. The white and wooden lounge chairs and hammock add an extra touch of luxury and relaxation, ideal for turning this stock tank pool into the oasis of your dreams.

7. On the Right Path

A pathway is a great way to fill empty space in your yard and can be designed in any way you'd like. It's perfect for pairing with a stock tank pool for easy access and can be lined with your favorite florals and plants. Finish the space off with a gazebo or outdoor curtains for an extra touch of privacy and design.

8. Center of Attention

If you want your pool to be the main focus of your outdoor space, put it in the center of your yard! With a unique pathway leading up to and surrounding the pool, it'll be hard to miss. Add a few string lights draping over the space and some towels on a nearby wall, and you'll be all set to enjoy a day of complete and utter relaxation.

9. Part of the Landscape

If you're looking for a way to incorporate your stock tank pool into your garden, this is it. This pool fits seamlessly in the corner of this small yard, right next to the garden area. The stones provide seating around the sides, as well as a simple way to get in and out. The bamboo paneling along the sides adds a more natural touch, while the lounge chairs next to the pool make the area more intimate and inviting.

10. Unique Tiling

Unique tiling or painting at the bottom of the pool is a great way to add a personalized touch to the space. This pool idea features a funny reminder, but you can add any phrase, image, or design you'd like. The fun pool floats, towels,fencing, and outdoor lights create an inviting and comfortable summer space.

11. Below Deck

If you've been dreaming of a deck area and a pool, kill two birds with one stone. With this idea, you'll essentially build the deck around the pool, going all the way around or only halfway if you prefer. On top of the deck, add a fewpatio chairs, outdoor lighting, and anumbrella for shade, and you'll be all set! It'll be the spot of the summer.

12. Nature Getaway

Have a few trees in your backyard? Not a problem! This is the perfect opportunity to add a stock tank pool to create your personal nature getaway. The trees will add privacy and a cozy feel, while the pool will be cool and refreshing for even the hottest summer days. Add a few planks of wood to the side of the pool to add a more outdoorsy feel, along with some natural stepping stones and plenty of plants.

13. Backyard Paradise

This stock tank pool idea features a matte black paint job, wood decking reminiscent of a sauna, a sun shade, and plenty of decors. The deck creates a built-in, thoughtfully designed feel, while the painted stock tank adds a more luxe finish. The sun shade, minimal decor, comfy seating, and outdoor lights are ideal for creating a personalized, comfortable area perfect for spending your summer afternoons and evenings.

14. Set the Scene

Feeling nostalgic about your last trip to the desert? Bring the sunsets and warm days home with you by creating a mural next to your stock tank pool. Paired with a low-rise deck and a few patio chairs, not to mention some spiky cacti, this setup will become the go-to space of the season.

15. Under the Umbrella

If you're looking for a day full of relaxation in your stock tank pool, an umbrella is a perfect addition. Add a paint color of your choice to add a more personal touch, as well as a few pool floaties and lawn chairs to create a sanctuary ideal for even the hottest summer days.

16. Tropical Oasis

While you may be missing the hot springs from your last vacation, you can easily recreate the jungle vibe in your backyard. A wraparound deck will provide a woodsy touch, while plenty of tropical plants such as banana trees, palm trees, and pothos will add greenery and warmth. An outdoor shower and patio stones will add a finishing, luxurious touch.

17. Under the Stars

Is there anything better than a late-night swim? The answer is no, especially if you've set your stock tank up underneath a pergola with layered string lights to create an evening under the stars. Of course, this setup looks great during the day as well–it's just extra special when it's dark out!

Which of These Pool Ideas Will do You Try?

A stock tank pool is easy to DIY and decorate, making it a great addition to small backyard spaces. They're easy to paint to give it that personal touch. Decorations adds plenty of dimension, and it's a great way to personalize any outdoor setup. It also helps to surround the area with gravel, stones, sand, or tile to avoid ruining the lawn and keep dirt out of the pool.

With all that in mind, which of these stock tank pool ideas will you try? Let us know below!

Stock Tank Pool Ideas Perfect For A Small Backyard (2024)


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